Satin Lined Hair Protection: Healthy Hair Night and Day Routine

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It could be argued that maintaining healthy hair is a full-time job. No matter if your hair is curly, wavy, coiled or straight; All hair can benefit from having a night and day routine. Many people are accustomed to the idea of moisturizing, sealing and protecting their hair with satin bonnets and scarves at nighttime. 

Now is the time to take hair care to the next level. Cotton pillowcases aren't the only culprit for robbing our strands of moisture, we face daily manipulation from hair accessories, exposure to the elements of the weather and styling manipulation. 

What is your daytime hair routine? Are you conscious of the materials and manipulation that you put on your hair strands daily? Majority of hair accessories like beanies, headbands and scarves are not made with fabrics like silk to aid in hair protection. The everyday manipulation of our hair accessories are just as harmful if not more than sleeping on cotton pillowcases.

What’s the solution? Satin Lined hair accessories! The layer of protection you provide for your hair doesn’t have to be a seasonal solution anymore. Check out some of our best selling satin lined hair accessories for all the seasons. 

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