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Natural hair is so versatile! Versatility is amazing, right? Well, it depends on how you look at the hair. One aspect of having versatile hair is that your styling options are never limited. Another aspect that we'll dive further into today is that versatile hair is harder to categorize. Now, not everyone likes the idea of categorizing hair but for those of us who believe...

hair knowledge = hair health

knowing how to categorize your hair when searching for products, hair routines and hair twins on youtube can really improve the chances of growing healthy natural hair. 

What is a Natural Hair Type? 

 The natural hair type is actually a system to categorize the structure of your hair strands. This hair typing system was created by a man named Andre Walker who coined his hair classification system as the Andre Walker Hair Typing System. 

Andre Walker Hair Typing System

There are 10 different hair type categories. It's important to note that your hair type only relates to the structure of the hair not the density, coarseness or porosity. Density, Coarseness and Porosity are completely different hair category systems that give a more in depth look into how your hair will behave with certain products and in a particular environment. 

Knowing your hair type is only the FIRST step in learning about your natural hair; it's not the most important step. Hair density, coarseness and porosity charts will help you further categorize your hair strands to find products that work for your hair and develop a hair routine that works for the environment that you live in. Check out the diagram below to determine your whether you have thin or coarse hair, hair porosity and hair density. 


Density, Porosity, Coarseness Hair Chart MultiStrandz

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