A Quick and Easy Beginner's Guide to Natural Hair

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Are you thinking about going natural and you want to know what to expect? Are you already natural and just struggling to meet hair growth goals? Here a few tips and tricks that I have used on my journey to long & healthy natural hair. 

Tip#1 Learn Your  Hair - Learning your hair takes time and it's not something you are going to understand overnight. However, there are things you can do for your hair today to get a better idea of how to care for your hair. For instance, learning your hair porosity. Check out the MultiHair blog on High Porosity vs. Low Porosity to get more information on what hair porosity is and how to find yours out. 

Tip#2 Create a Hair Routine- Your hair routine is key in a successful hair growth journey. Your hair routine can be simple or complex it's completely up to you. Feel free to customize your hair routine to fit your hair goals. Here's a list of the core elements that should be in any hair routine regardless of hair type, texture or length. 

1. Moisture (Water or Water based moisturizer)

2. Strengthening Treatment (Light, Heavy or Normal Protein based products)

3. Sealant (Butter, Oils, or Creams) 

Tip#3-Learn how to buy the right products for you. Don't be so quick to label a  product as "horrible" or "it doesn't work for me".  Make sure you're using the product right first. Read the ingredients and How to Use instructions on the products. For more information on how to pick the right products and decrease your likelihood of becoming a product junkie of "not-working" products then watch my How to do Natural Hair video on youtube. 


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