The Truth About Growing Long and Healthy Hair

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I know firsthand how hard it can be not really knowing how to grow long and healthy hair. The struggle is REAL. Just know, you're not alone.

As a matter of fact, give yourself a pat on the back because you're on the right path to finding the TRUTH about how YOU can grow long and healthy hair. 

The collage above was me about 3 and 1/2 years ago...

After being on a healthy hair journey I've been able to try hundreds of different hair care products. What I've learned from this experience is that the KEY to having a successful hair journey isn't all about picking the right products. It's about TECHNIQUE and HAVING A ROUTINE. The worst thing you can do is fall into the trap of becoming a product junkie only to realize hundreds of dollars later... that you're STILL not at your hair goals. 

STEP 1 to growing LONG and HEALTHY HAIR: You NEED to have a hair routine


I'm going to take it a step further and save you MORE time and money...

I'm going to give you my DETAILED Daily and Weekly Hair Routine for you to download and try at home right now! Following my routine will ensure that you've incorporated all the right tools and methods to start seeing REAL healthy hair results right NOW!

Click the image or here to download my FREE Daily and Weekly Hair Routine

you...yes YOU! Having healthier hair is literally right around the corner for you. All you have to do now is buckle down, stay focused and stick to that routine! 

See you Sunday,

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  • Hello! How do I grow longer and healthier hair I need some tips on my natural hair I been natural for 3 years and 3 months and my hair seems to not maintaining length my hair is always dry I need a consistent hair routine and wash routine and I don’t know what to do with my hair I got some braids to retain length. I been wearing twists in my hair but it’s something I’m not doing right with my natural hair and I need HELP ASAP… 😩❤️

    Keke on
  • Is it possibly for you to include what products you typically use for the various steps (pre-poo, shampoo, condition, deep condition, etc.)? Thank you for sharing your routine!!!

    Marg Nicole on
  • This is so great and helpful! I noticed on your routine you always shampoo. Do you ever cowash? What do you think about cowashing? Also, what were your top protective styles that you swear by/suggest for us short length naturals that maximize long, healthy hair?

    Marg Nicole on

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