Natural Hair Remedies to Increase Blood Circulation & Hair Growth

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Are you struggling with trying to grow your natural hair? Maybe you're doing everything you can grow long and healthy hair but you're just not seeing the results. Here are a few tips on how to speed up hair growth without the use of un-natural supplements. 


When trying to grow your hair it's important to focus on the two problem areas that most naturals struggle with during their hair journey; length retention and growth speed. Hair does grow. So if you're struggling to see your growth this is likely due to the fact that you're not retaining your length. 

It's important that as our hair is growing we are incorporating low manipulation styling techniques into the hair regimen to ensure that every inch grew stays and isn't breaking off. Protective styling is a great way to protect the ends of your hair strands and maintain the health of your hair while you retain length. 

The growth speed is directly correlated to blood circulation. Our circulation system is in charge of moving your blood through your body, as well as oxygen, nutrients, and other compounds that help you move.

The body’s circulatory system is responsible for moving blood throughout the entire body. When this flow is disrupted, you can suffer from a variety of health problems. One of the first areas to suffer due to a lack of blood circulation is, unfortunately, hair strands. Essentials oils are a great way to help increase blood circulation naturally. Below is a list of some oils and essentials oil that you can add to an oil blend and apply directly to your scalp.


Tea Tree Oil

Peppermint OIl 

Neem Oil 

Cypress Oil

Rosemary Oil

If you're looking for an oil blend to use on your scalp the All Natural Hair Oil Blends from MultiStrandz has an oil blend for just $9.99 that is great for improving hair growth. 

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The Inversion Method is a great way to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp manually. The process of inverting the head below the main frame of the body for 3-4 minute while massaging the scalp with warm oil causes blood to rush to the scalp faster promoting hair growth. Here's a step by step break down of the inversion method: 

Step 1: Choose oil or an oil blend to apply to scalp

Step 2: Warm the oil before applying to scalp

Step 3: Apply oil to the scalp and any specific problem areas using the pads of your fingertips 

Step 4: Invert your head below the main frame of your body for 4 minutes. While you continuously massage the scalp

Step 5: After 4 minutes, slowly rise from the inverted position with your head being the last part to rise. 

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 for the next 7 days consecutively. Do not repeat this process for more than 1 week out of a months time for the best results. 

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