How to Grow Out Your Nape and Edge Hair

How to Grow Out Your Nape and Edge Hair

Do you suffer from thin edges? You are not alone. 

Many naturals suffer from thin edge and nape hair. They struggle each and every day with finding a solution to this problem. Here are some tips and tricks to try out if you haven't found your solution yet! 

#1 Hairstyle Options- The cause of thin edges could be your hairstyle choices. Tight ponytail, braids and bulky hair extensions tug and pull on your hair follicle causing damage and thinning. Try hairstyles where your edge and nape are free from any pulling. Examples would be wash-n-gos, braids outs and twist outs. 

#2 Increase the Blood Flow- One of the best ways to grow out your nape and edge hair is to increase the blood flow to your scalp. Did you know that increased blood flow causes hair growth? It does! They are certain essential oils that you can add to your hair products to increase blood flow such as peppermint oil or tea tree oil. 

#3 Decrease Manipulation- Edge and nape hair are usually the most sensitive of all our hair strands. Over manipulation can cause thinning. It's important that you are mindful of the excessive touching and pulling that you do on your edges. Be mindful of the types of brushes and combs you use when styling your edge and nape hair.

 #4 Lack of Moisture- Hair that isn't moisturized becomes dry and brittle. Dry and brittle hair breaks more easily than moisturized hair! Make sure to keep your hair moisturized even while you sleep. Sleeping on cotton pillows is a HUGE mistake! Cotton pulls the moisture from hair strands leaving them dry and brittle. Make sure to always sleep with a satin/silk pillow case or head wrap. 

#5 Reduce Stress- Yes, stress causes hair loss. It's important to minimize your stress level as much as possible. You can counteract stress by changing your diet, exercising and even taking long hot baths. 

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