Best 3 Tips for High Porosity Hair

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Sometimes having natural hair is no easy feat. We've found some of the best tips to help high porosity natural hair grow. 

The Hair Porosity Test found on

If this is the first time you've heard anything about hair porosity. Then take a few minutes to do the hair porosity test. Get a glass cup half full of water and clip hair strands from your scalp. Place the hair strands in the water to see if it floats on top or sinks. You hair porosity is how well your hair takes in water a.k.a moisture. If you have low porosity hair, here are a few great tips you can start implementing in your hair routine. 

Tip #1  - Add protein treatments into your hair routine.Every six weeks it is very important that as a natural with high porosity hair you're doing some kind of a protein treatment. Protein treatments are meant to strengthen the hair follicles and help rebuild any damage throughout the hair shaft. 

Tip #2 - Deep condition your hair with heat. Adding heat to your deep conditioning routine really helps the deep conditioner to penetrate deep within the hair shaft and provide the best moisture within.

Tip #3- Protective style your hair more often. Having high porosity hair means that your hair receives moisture just as easily as it loses moisture. This can make maintaining moisture in your natural hair very difficult at times. So add an extra layer of protection to your strands by protective styling your hair after it has been moisturized. Protective styling will make it more difficult for the moisture to escape the hair follicles.Now that you know what will work in growing your high porosity hair. Try to be as consistent as possible with your hair routine to really see results! 


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