5 Amazing Oils for Natural Hair Growth that You Haven’t Tried Yet

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5 Great Oils for Natural Hair Growth You Haven’t Tried Yet

Here are 5 amazing oils for hair growth that you might not have heard of yet in the natural hair community. 

  1. Clary Sage is not to be confused with sage oil. Clary sage has this nutty yet sweet aroma and it’s proven to grow long hair. Clary sage oil comes from salvia sclerae plant. This oil is full of bactericidal and antiseptic properties needed to sooth hair follicles. If you are suffering from hair loss, clary sage oil is a must have for you!
  2. Cypress oil helps with blood circulation and if you didn’t already know blood circulation is key to hair growth! Cypress oil can strengthen the hair follicle making it less likely to fall out.
  3. Peppermint Oil is great for increasing blood circulation to the scalp to aid in hair growth. Peppermint oil can also help with dryness, itchiness and other scalp irritations.
  4. Neem Oil has great regenerative to properties. For an intensive massage treatment add neem oil to your scalp 30 minutes before shampooing. Neem oil can also be added to a mix of other oils to serve as great moisturizer.
  5. Jojoba Oil is known for contributing to healthy hair growth. Jojoba oil is the oil that closely mimics your hair’s natural sebum. It is a great moisturizer for the scalp without disrupting your scalp’s natural pH balance.

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