4 Things That Stop Hair Growth

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Have you tried everything possible to grow your hair and still no luck? Well, there are four common mistakes that you could be doing causing your hair not to grow. 

1. Wearing your ponytails in the same spot over and over.  It may not sound like that big of a deal right now, but wearing the same style ponytail over and over with little to no change can cause breakage to your hair. It's important to mix up the location of your ponytail every few days to ensure you don't cause any breakage. 

2. You've clogged your pores from not cleaning your scalp with a cleanser. Good luck on trying to grow your hair with clogged pores. It's nearly impossible! It's important that you use a cleanser to reset any buildup or blockage that may be covering your pores to get the best growth potential. If you're not sure how often you should be cleansing your scalp. Check out the Shampoo vs. Co-Washing Chart to get the best option for cleansing your scalp. 

3. You sleep on cotton fabrics and you wear cotton fabric accessories on your head.  Cotton is very moisture absorbing, which means, you're left with dry and crunchy hair strands all the time. No matter how much moisture you put in your hair on a consistent basis if you're sleeping on and wearing cotton hair accessories, you're robbing your hair of that very moisture it needs to grow. Start using satin bonnets or pillowcases when you sleep and throw away those cotton headbands. Protect your hair with satin-lined hair accessories that are not only stylish but perfect for protecting your strands. Click here for a kit with all the basics to start a healthy hair journey. If you'd like to get your hands on some satin-lined hair accessories, shop here.

4. You cause unnecessary split ends and breakage from pulling fairy knots out. Fairy knots are those pesky little knots that form all in curly and coily natural hair from time to time. It's natural for them to form and it's important to note that fairy knots happen because the curly hair rolls and curls around itself causing knots. To decrease the number of fairy knots, style your hair in a stretched state as much as possible. Never...I repeat never pull or snatch fairy knots from your hair because this causes tearing and breakage to your hair follicle. You always want to clip unwanted fairy knots to avoid breakage and split ends. 

I hope these tips help you on your healthy hair journey! Be sure to check out our past blogs on healthy hair tips and tricks as well. Read our other blogs here

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