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3 Common Natural Hair Myths That Everyone Believes

It’s already hard enough trying to sort through the most effective ways to grow and maintain healthy natural hair. No need to further complicate the process by believing in hair myths that are holding you back from reaching your hair goals. Here are the three natural hair myths that are just simply not true!

Myth #1- Washing your hair more often promotes hair growth.

Many believe that the more you wash your hair the more it grows. Well, that’s simply not true. 

Even though water is a great universal moisturizer, the act of washing your hair too often can actually cause excessive dryness to your scalp and hair strands. Why is this the case? Well, every time you wash your hair you’re stripping your hair of a natural hair sebum that your scalp produces. Your hair sebum is an oil that secretes from your scalp and coats your hair to protect it from the elements of nature and provides extra moisture to your hair strands. No matter what your hair type is, your scalp produces this hair sebum.  Try stretching out the amount of time between your wash days to give your body a chance to auto-regulate its production of hair sebum. Styling your hair in stretched styles will also help your hair sebum to travel to the ends of the hair strand much easier, this is especially true for type 4 hair textures. 

Myth #2- Dandruff on your scalp means your hair is dry.

Dandruff is a condition that causes skin on the scalp of the head to flake.One of the main causes of dandruff is actually due to exposure of a fungus called Malassezia. 

It’s a very common issue with natural hair and the best way to treat dandruff is by cleansing the scalp with a shampoo. Shampoos do a great job of stripping oil from the scalps and hair strands which we’ve been conditioned to believe could be a bad thing.However, an excessive amount of oil on our scalp causes a breeding ground for the fungus Malassezia. One way to prevent dandruff is to consistently incorporate scalp massages into your hair regimen. Scalp massages help to move your hair’s natural hair sebum from the scalp to the rest of your hair strands. Scalp massages are great for tighter textured natural hair. 

Myth #3- Natural Hair just doesn’t grow past a certain length.

Well this just isn’t true, simply put. While genetics does play a role in hair growth and appearance, an even bigger contributor to natural hair growth is your environment and ability to retain length. On average natural hair grows about six inches a year. Your hair grows out your scalp even if you do nothing to it. What prevents a majority of us from seeing the growth of our hair is our inability to retain length. If your hair is breaking off at a faster rate than it is growing you will not see length. Hair breakage is the #1 cause of not retaining length. 

There are several ways to improve your length retention. Developing a proper hair routine, utilizing satin pillows/bonnets when sleeping, and keeping your hair moisturized and protected from the harmful elements of nature in between wash days are few of the common ways to retain length. 

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